a Film Shoot

Working as an Extra on a Film Shoot

Are you thinking of working as an extra in a film shoot? Extras in movies receive daily rates that are in most cases the minimum pay. That’s if you are a union member. You will gain benefits such as appearing in movie productions for short periods. However, there is one way that you can gain more by acting as an extra. That’s by catering to a film set.It enables you to keep yourself busy, get profits and also get to appear in movies.

In addition to the daily rates; you will also get to maximize earning on your daily routine. Keep in mind that you will meet a lot of other extras. They need to have something to drink or eat. It means you will have a ready customer base. This post gives you 7 tips on film catering while shooting in London.

Food Quality

  • One tip to remember while film catering in London is the quality of food you will be preparing. Customers want to spend their money on good food. Avoid concentrating just on the food appearance and taste.
  • Clients such as film cast also look at the quality of your equipment. You want to appear as a professional. It means you need to invest in modern equipment and also spot professional catering uniform.


  • Another factor to consider when film catering while shooting in London is the cost of your food. That’s because you will be providing for people such as movie extras. You want to price your food in ways in which they can manage.
  • You are also going to appear as a film extra. It means to maximize on your business; you need to first check on how much they are willing to pay for meals. That will help you to set the correct prices.

Customer Advice

  • Another factor to consider is the movie cast views on which type of food they will prefer. Videos require their cast to move from place to place. It means you need to find out if they will prefer snacks or complete course meals.
  • It also enables you to know which types of drinks to stock. That will prevent you from having dead stock. It also gives you a head start over other competitors.


  • You also need to know the previous experiences of the film cast on food services.
  • Depending on their experience, you may decide to improve on certain areas. That includes sudden changes in their schedules or reporting time. Keep in mind that issues such as the weather can change. It means you need to be flexible.

Special Needs

  • Another factor to consider is the particular requirements of the filming cast. That’s because some may be vegetarians or may prefer non-alcoholic drinks. You also need to know that different types or religions have various rules regarding which type of foods to consume.
  • It means you need to carry our research about the film cast food preferences. Keep in mind that you want to make profits. That means you need to accommodate everybody’s needs.


  • Another point to remember is to have food permits. That’s because your clients may ask you about food handler certificates.
  • Food is one of the most sensitive products when it comes to human health. Depending on your type of services, you should make sure you have food safety and handler certificates.


  • You also need to have training on how to appear on a film set as an extra. That’s because although you will be catering for these people, you may also be required to appear in the movie’s production. Keep in mind that movies have various scenes.
  • They include those that show the cast having drinks or eating. It means you may also appear as the server or chef. That means you also have to be ready to perform as a professional.

What to Keep In Mind

  • One factor you should remember is that you should maximize your time as an extra.
  • Catering to a movie set can be one way to make money. It also gives you a chance to appear in other sequences if you offer quality services.

Final Thoughts

Film catering while shooting in London should be easier using the above guide. Remember to offer quality services and price your services according to your clients’ budget estimates.