Perfect Event

Planning The Perfect Event

There’s a lot to think about when planning an event. Whatever the occasion, whether it is large or small, you need to think about all the details as well as the obvious big picture decisions such as date, venue, and catering.

In this article we take a look at some of the key steps that you can follow to plan a memorable event that will impress your guests and ensure that you celebrate in style.

Perfect Event

Be clear about the objectives of your event

You know that you need an event, but it is important that you have a really clear understanding of why you need that event. What is the event about? What is the purpose of the event? What will holding the event achieve? What will be the outcomes of the event? Simply asking yourself these simple questions will give you a clear perspective on the event that will inform a lot of your planning decisions as you move forward.


Build an event plan

It is important to start your event plan at the initial stages of planning your event. Your plan will grow and you will update it and evolve it as you go, but the important thing is that you have a plan. Your event plan will help you to document key dates, keep track of the contact details of your suppliers, and identify any dependencies that you need to be following in a clear, sequential order. Have a robust event plan will also give you confidence and help you to feel as if you are in control – even when things get a bit crazy and chaotic.

Build an event plan

Research and reading

As you start to begin your planning process you will be seeing a lot of different options and talking to different people about your event. The more you investigate and research you will build an appreciation of the possibilities of your event and also how prices compare.

investigate and research

Choose a theme

Having a theme for your event doesn’t mean a fancy dress theme for your guests, but having a theme will help inform your choices. It could be as simple as a color theme that you take through the decoration of the venue, the flower arrangements, or the stationery that you use for the invitations.

Having a theme for your event

Find a venue

Securing the right venue for your event is a major milestone in your planning process. Whether you are looking for an intimate dining room in a hotel in Chicago or a banquet hall in Houston, deciding on the style and location of your venue and booking in the date of your event will be a major feeling of accomplishment and a big step forward on your event plan. There are lots of venue search services that can help you find a venue that is right for you – often they will be paid a commission by the venue selected; alternatively you can search the internet or venue directories to find something that meets your needs and has availability for your event.

event venue

Remember,planning and research and finding the right venue are the key foundations to creating the perfect event.