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Finding the Right Vendor for Your Catering Company or Restaurant is a Must

When you operate a catering business, restaurant, or another type of enterprise that requires the use of a commercial kitchen, one of your main areas of concern is the ordering of supplies. After all, what good is a catering business that runs out of napkins, tablecloths and chefs’ wear? Finding a competent company to provide these and other items is crucial when you’re in this type of business, and it may make the difference between your business being successful or closing its doors.

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What Do These Companies Offer?

There are many companies that offer large numbers of items for catering businesses, restaurants and diners, and bars and pubs. With most reputable companies, you have a wide variety of items available that include:

  • Bar supplies such as shot glasses, shakers and mixers, straws, stirrers, ice crushers, blackboards and other display boards, ice tubs, cocktail napkins, ashtrays, wine coolers, call bells, juicers, bottle openers, ice cube trays, corkscrews, dartboards, floor matting, and more
  • Disposables like glasses and cups, cutlery, tops and lids, napkins, tablecloths, chefs’ wear, till receipts, waiter ordering pads, pizza boxes, stirrers, trays, steak markers, bamboo skewers, trays, and more

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  • Accommodation products such as bedding and towel sets, milk jugs, teapots, toasters, cutlery, graters, dinner plate sets, pots and pans, linen and bedding products, brooms and dustpans, drawer organisers, trash cans, squeegees, mops, dish drainers, laundry baskets, ironing boards and irons, doormats, coasters, desk lamps, ashtrays, buckets, kitchen utensils, clothes hangers, china, and more.
  • Clothing items like rubber gloves, aprons, fleece jackets, ball caps, trousers, shoes and boots, mob caps, hairnets, safety goggles, hats, coveralls, cloths and towels, dust masks, oven mitts, and more.
  • Equipment such as toasters, trolleys, fry baskets, picnic benches, stacking chairs, benches, water boilers, water filter systems, potato bakers, umbrellas, cutlery trays, bottle coolers, ovens, decanters, plate stackers, rice cookers, coffee makers, microwaves, potato peelers, mixers, panini makers, pizza ovens, fish fryers, soup kettles, refrigerators, and more.

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  • Cleaning supplies like mops and brooms, buckets, adapters, wire brushes, light bulbs, extension cords, vacuum cleaners, disposable aprons, garbage cans and bags, dishwasher detergent, carpet and rug cleaners, toilet paper, floor polishers, dust rags, scrapers, and more.
  • Front-of-house supplies such as sugar bowls, teapots, candles, food warmers, wicker storage baskets, menu holders, toast racks, clipboards, condiment organisers, sign holders, bread baskets, dishes and glasses, meal and serving trays, vases, butter dishes, china, cutlery, and more.

More often than not, many of these items will come in a variety of colours so they fit in with your business’s décor. In addition, these companies will offer products that are made by some of the most well-known brand names out there, so you can trust that the items you purchase from them will be well-made and last a long time.

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Advantages of Professional Supply Companies

Professional vendors of catering and restaurant supplies usually have both showrooms and websites to make it easier for customers to review their items in order to decide which ones to purchase. Pattersons Bristol showroom is a perfect example of a professional company that offers both of these options. These work well together because customers can research items online while taking their time, then visit the company’s showroom to see the items in person. Or, they can simply order their items online and have it delivered to them – usually within one business day. The fast turnaround time is possible because many of these vendors have more than one location, so they can meet the needs of customers throughout the country. Companies that offer these types of supplies want to make it easy and fast for the customer, because fewer people are busier than those who work in the fast-paced restaurant industry.

There are other advantages of looking at a company’s website. For instance, many of them offer a way to download their catalogue directly from the website, which is extremely convenient, particularly when a customer is looking for many different items. Since many of these companies offer thousands of different products for various industries, many customers find that viewing the items in catalogue form is both simpler and quicker.

Professional Supply Companies

One of the best parts of ordering supplies from one of these vendors is the price. Most of them offer their items at wholesale prices that are very competitive and reasonable. In fact, most of them also have a finance manager to help customers establish an account that allows them to pay for their items over time. This is especially convenient for start-up companies and those on a limited budget, and many companies will allow the customer to take up to three years to pay off the items.

Where to Find Qualified Vendors

Vendors that sell catering, bar, and janitorial supplies can usually be found on the Internet. In addition to downloadable catalogues, these sites also offer testimonials from previous clients, a blog with valuable information for customers, and information on deliveries, returns, free quotes, terms and conditions, and financing details. Many companies even offer personalised products, so if a business doesn’t see what they like on the website or in the catalogue, they can still order what they need for their facility.

Find Qualified Vendors

Vendors usually have a way for customers to register for a free online account so that they can log in at any time, enter their financial information, request a quote, and check the status of their orders. Since customers can order products 24/7, this benefit allows them to order even easier and quicker, and allows other advantages as well. In addition, most vendors offer numerous ways to pay securely through their website, including MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, and more. In short, these companies want your business, so they make it as easy as possible for you to browse their selection and make a purchase.

Vendors offer exceptional, high-quality products at reasonable prices, easy ways to research and purchase their products, a lot of variety in the products themselves, and fast delivery times. Visiting them online is the perfect first step in finding the vendor that is right for you.

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